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Master PADMASAMBHAVA lives in the highest master level of GOD and mediates also messages from GOD, our almighty father, JESUS CHRIST, HILLARION, ASHTER SHERAN and to many other beyond not named entities, relatives and friends.

Master PADMASAMBHAVA is worshipped as a deity in Tibet today and symbolizes for the Tibetans, the Christ energy.

He lived in the eighth century and harmonized the original Tibetan religion with Buddhism.



Tiberius Claudius Casear Augustus Germanicus was the fourth Roman emperor, ruling from AD41 to 54. Click on the image to read his medial messages.


Archangel Michael

Michael is an archangel in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Click on the image to read his messages.


Jesus Christ

Click on the image to find medial messages from Jesus Christ.


Mother Mary

Click on the image to read medial messages from Jesus' mother Mary.


Archangel Raphael

Raphael about himself: "I am Archangel Raphael, I am the "Physician of God" and my name means "God heals". I heal people's fear, mistrust, and broken hearts and wounds from past relationships and childhood. My healing frees from hindering thoughts and attitudes. My power connects with the power of love and restores the divine order. 

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