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Jesus Christ

Channeling  from 14.04.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Topic: Childhood / Fear


Walter, now JESUS CHRIST would like to say a few words to you:


Dear Walter, I love you, my friend and recognize your way. Remain confident in love and we will meet again soon. Recognize in your work the way to the light. This path is marked out for you, as it was marked out for me. Walter, your life is inspired by thoughts to help other people, to serve them and to draw from them. Believe me, love and only the love makes this possible. Add to your abilities in love. Recognize that all people are your brothers and sisters and leave out no one and judge no one. Your life runs according to GOD's plan and you are to learn and recognize from it. The way to the light is often stony and there are many obstacles to overcome these.

Believe and work on your way which leads you in the end to the realization. Don't orientate yourself so much on your books; orientate yourself on your heart and realize that only your heart finds the right judgment. Find out where your weaknesses are and try to reduce them. Surely you have already noticed that your education through PADMASAMBHAVA runs almost parallel to the course. You have already absorbed a great deal, so that the exercises seem easy to you, but remember, only in the constant company of the words of feeling can you go your way. Learn your lessons as if you were hearing them for the first time. Keep asking these questions and realize that everything is connected - your thoughts, your feelings, your will and your mind. Work with your mind and feel with your heart, then you will find the right line.

Regarding your conversation with R. She presents herself to us as a central office where a lot of information is received and passed on. She is a very thorough and understanding person who enjoys our trust and influences your circle positively. R. came to talk about me last night, that I did not die on the cross and I tell you this statement is not true. Many books were written during my life and around my death. None of them come close to explaining the facts that prevailed and in which we lived at that time.

Believe and trust; with my parents I moved to Egypt until I was 12 years old.

I became interested in Egyptian teachings at a very early age. Even as a child I could read and write relatively early, because I was raised in a kind of monastery and had a very good teacher and master. Already at that time I was initiated into different rituals which were useful to me later. I acted in the order of God and had to go through this life. Everything was predetermined, up to the smallest detail. All teachers were often very hard and I had to work already then very hard on me. My life plan ran only over few years and I had lived only 35 years at that time. In that time, a system had to be built that would change the way the world thought and felt.

Walter, 30 years of my life consisted of learning and recognizing. I studied people with all their abilities and inclinations and I realized that only love could save people. This is how my teaching of love for people came into being, which then fell on the stone with some religious zealots and did not become fruit.

Only the charity leads you back to the all-embracing love. Take up the forces of life in you and strengthen them through your work on people and you will find your way. The time in Egypt had a great impact on me. It was a time when I had learned a lot as a child, but I was deprived of love, the love for which I longed so much. After I returned to Palestine, where I had already caused a stir as a 12-year-old, I came to a village in Essen with my family and found a teacher of love there. A family of like-minded people who lived in abject poverty and deprivation, but carried the forces of life in their hearts.

With my increasing maturity and education I received from GOD all abilities which were necessary to help people, to heal and to bring his word to them. It was many years of work for about 3 years of the fruits, which were meant for you, so that you are freed from your misery and you find the way back into the light. GOD in his mercy has recognized that for many people a thinking and feeling is necessary and he aimed to bring his thoughts about me to the people. Walter, it was a hard way, because I knew GOD's plan very early. I knew every day and every hour. I received everything from him and I was also tormented by fears and inner forces.


At that time, I did not understand how to deal with fear, so we chose the term Satan for fear. Just think of it this way, it's more like a play on words. All of your fears reflect the Satan I named, who kept trying to lead me astray. However, I have recognized and learned from it and could meet this fear, this Satan accordingly. God has chosen a similar way for you, although not quite as hard as mine, but it is also carried by a certain portion of courage and you will often remember my way back. Remain in the faith in GOD and you receive your answers. 




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