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Channeling  from 2009                             (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Look, dear ones, every year you prepare yourselves for this feast. Every year it is our desire to get you in the mood for this holy time. It is our deepest wish for you to open your hearts, to widen them, to direct your attention to the light within you, that you feel this love within you, that you feel that you are God, that you feel that you are connected to us through this flame within you, that here lies your true being, out of which you create and shape all your life situations.
Dear friends, so let yourselves be carried away into the holy time, go into yourselves, and try to imagine how it may be when you recognize yourselves all at once in the light of omnipotence. Go with us into this consciousness, direct your attention to your hearts and feel that this divine spark is your reality of life, that this spark, and only this spark, is life, because everything else, dear ones, are your patterns, your ideas, your plans, your concepts, your ideals, and now it is once again time to dive into the silence, into the time of expectation and to tune in here to this conscious being of oneness in you, and in everyone who meets you.
Each of you faces the challenges of your everyday life, each of you believes that you have to meet certain demands. But try to imagine what is really in you, what remains in you when everything that seems to be so important to you may fall away. Remember who you are when you are alone, just alone with your being, without a job, without a partner, without friends. That which causes infinite fear to many people is the way of salvation, by recognizing your true being in that moment, as everything else you define yourself by falls away. It is of great importance to live through this experience, because out of your true being you understand and recognize your neighbor, and you will feel immediately connected to him, you will love him, because he too is love, no matter what form of appearance he has chosen for this life. And therefore we ask you to meet in love and peace every person who seems to be trying to make life difficult for you, because only on this level of recognition can transformation and forgiveness take place. On this level, the meeting of hearts takes place and everything that separates, everything that hurts, dissolves in the light of love, and the shadows will not last.
So we would like to invite you to follow the path of the holy three kings. Let love, knowledge and compassion become your guide to your heart and to the heart of your neighbor. With this guiding star you will reach the holy place of encounter where Jesus Christ is born in you, unspectacularly in the unity of all being. You will not only experience this connection with the divine within you, you will recognize yourselves as a unity with sheep and donkey, man and animal, young and old. You will feel that there is unison here, that everything is one, and any notion of separation will be suspended. There will be no more question: "What should be important to me now?", because everything will be illuminated in this moment by the realization of the All-unity. This, dear ones, is what the feast of the Holy Night should bring for you, to go this way, to the birth of the Christ in you, to the birth of the knowledge around your own divinity.  
We would like to invite you in this time every evening for only 15 minutes to go consciously into the silence with us and your star as a guide. We will be with you and the recognition will penetrate your being into the last cell of your consciousness. And see, do not be afraid of the darkness you are walking through, do not be afraid, because this darkness is created by the idea of separation.
When you become aware of this and overcome separation, then dear ones, Christmas is within you, then you receive the consecrations of divine recognition, then finally you overcome the darkness, then finally you feel and you are that light for this world, and to that end we would like to inspire you to acknowledge what is real.
Separation permeates the darkness with the consciousness of love.
We will guide you on this path, and know that you cannot miss it, for it is as surely laid out in you as the whole plan of life is laid out in every being. 
in every being.

See, everything is one.
Now, dear friends, we accompany you through this time of joyful expectation. Focus your joy, your attention, on recognizing the love within you. Prepare yourselves by going into silence, lighting a candle and letting your consciousness merge with the candle. In this way we envelop you in the light of conscious being. We ask for you the blessing of omnipotence, let yourselves be filled by this love, let yourselves be permeated by this golden glow. Carry this light out into the world, into your everyday life, into your encounters, so that all those who are connected to you can participate in it. We close the circle and thank you, dear friends, for your being.
A V E , we greet you.
In this spirit, we wish you a blessed Christmas.
A V E , dear friends A V E Claudius

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