Me and my mission

I'm a software developer and I am a person who loves privacy.  Usually, privacy is a fundamental right in many countries around the world. This is only generally the case. In reality, our privacy is undermined by hackers and even of authorities, too . Confidential information is being leaked, where its always possible. The public telecommunications networks is used to perform data theft on a large scale. Even the authorities are  not longer only  protecting their country from terrorist attacks, industrial espionage on a large scale is a part of everydays life. The technical possibilities are almost endless. Stealing data is harmless attack, move data on the strangers computer (leave there children pornography images e.g.)  is less harmless. Do we understand the code inside all exe or dll files of our operating system? Do we understand what is going on with our PC when we have an online session?


I cannot change the world like it is, but with my software I can try to give the people in the world a little bit privacy and information about what is going on. I write computer programs since Windows DOS 6.22 and I am an inventor for a method to transfer facsimile very fast and secure (see Google for  US Patent # 8,290,160 and world patent WO2009065423A1).




Future projects are VOIP apps for smart phones and PCs which enables the user totally confidential encrypted  phone calls over IP (similar Skype or Viber).

Free Software

Currently I offer only Quick&Confidential which is developed to encrpyt text email messages in a very fast and secure manner. For password hashing I used SHA256 (256 bit), the encrpytion algorithm is RC4. The software is written for Win 95 upto Win 8. The application is very easy to use. The free version has a limit of 4096 chars message text.


Download Quick&Confidential 2.0

Job Opportunities

I'm looking for a software developer who is able to develop a fax programm for iOS and other smart phone OS's  or intends to sell already existing source code.

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