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Love Your Enemies 
An Encounter with Raphael

Gerd is a sceptical thinking man, who questions everything, yet never found the answers he was seeking. He had no belief in spiritual questions due to the lack of scientific evidence. Then one day at the age of 35, he started a perfectly normal day only to find himself on a bench overlooking the sea. He was joined by a mysterious old man called Raphael, who uncannily knew everything about him. This wise old man proceeded to answer Gerd's deepest questions as to the meaning of life, why there is good and evil, what happens in the afterlife, reincarnation and – more importantly – The real reasons why we are here on this Earth, what we are here to learn and why we should love our enemies. This fascinating narrative covers a wide range of philosophical questions, providing answers to the most fundamental questions of life and death, based on over 25 years of research by the author into the hereafter. By presenting this information in story form, the reader is drawn into the conversation in a way no text book ever could. The conclusions of this story will be life changing for all who read it.


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I read the German language book a long time ago and was curious about the English version. I can highly recommend this book. The dialogue that takes place between the two characters, is excitingly written and profound. Socially critical topics are addressed, as well as deeply spiritual karmic connections, simply and visually explained.
Conclusion: A must for anyone who likes books like "Conversations with God" or „The Power of Now".

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Praise & Reviews

I enjoyed the interesting information given and the story. I would recommend this as an excellent read and definitely give it a 5 star rating

Geraldine MacKenzie

5.0 out of 5 stars An Astounding Discussion for a Spiritual Journey 

Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2021

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I found “Love Your Enemies” by Gerd Steeger is an intriguing discussion that is rare to find. Even though the author focused on religious arguments the narration was profoundly crafted in story form. Thus, the reader sticks to the book and will not stop turning the pages till the end. 
Gerd has carefully selected various interesting questions that people seek answers vigorously. The process of reincarnation, black holes, the formation of the earth, the afterlife, and the culture of bullfighting are some of the fascinating captures. The author made his narration a perfect read, by enriching every fact with research findings. Moreover, the firm arguments establish a high level of validity. 
The simplicity and the smooth flow attract any reader. I recommend this book to anyone interesting to have a harmonious spiritual journey. 

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