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Channeling about ...

...the galaxy

Find here medial messages about the galaxy/universe. 


... the forces of life

The forces of the life accompany you parallel to your existence, they reflect your innermost being, your liveliness, your spirit, mind, consciousness and matter. 

The forces of the life let the juices rise like in a tree trunk about the roots to the crown. They convey a unity, a whole which carries your life.


... physics (different topics)

Read something about the law of physics


...our real home 

Find here medial messages about the place where we go after our physical death. This place is our real home. The place where we live now is just a location to experience specific things in order to develop spiritually. Currently  we are just actors for a specific time on the stage of life.


... faith, love and hope

Learn a little bit about the power of faith, love and hope.


... sickness and health

This topic is about health and sickness

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